Carine Edwige MINDZE

-General Coordinator of NWL-

The Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies (NWL), a professional platform dedicated to women’s leadership, aims to enable women journalists and news agency executives from across the continent to perpetuate the opportunities offered by FAAPA and to enhance their activities and actions by bringing the feminine touch alongside the other links in the chain that constitutes this pan-African federation.

The NWL members intend to organize, with the important support of FAAPA, forums and seminars on current issues with a view to exchanging their experiences and approaches on the possibilities of actions, training and partnerships with other entities and structures promoting women’s leadership at both regional and international levels.

It will also be for the NWL to make a kind of inventory to see how the situations evolve in each country and understand the positions of women leaders, while working to create synergies with the various committees of parity and to build partnerships with other communication organizations that advocate for the strengthening of women’s leadership.

It will also be necessary to establish contacts with various national, regional and international organizations, in order to publicize the objectives of the NWL and to seize the training opportunities that they offer.

Similarly, great importance will be given to the establishment of strategic partnerships for the consolidation of women’s leadership with the various decision makers and representatives of companies, administrations, banks and insurance companies, accredited embassies, NGOs, associations…

Also, each country is called upon to make concrete proposals in order to contribute to guarantee the smooth running of the Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies and to ensure its influence in Africa and everywhere else. To this end, the establishment of regional networks of women leaders of African news agencies is possible following a progressive implementation plan.

In addition to training, the Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies will focus on strengthening skills and consolidating career plans aimed at promotion and development at the professional level within the framework of good governance.

In this regard, the NWL could act, in close coordination with FAAPA, to study ways and means to diversify the offer of training courses with some institutes, universities and colleges, in favor of journalists and women executives at both national and international levels. Such training would undoubtedly have a positive impact on their careers in terms of promotion, hierarchical reclassification and access to positions of responsibility.

Nevertheless, communication and training in the field of ICTs are necessary to achieve the desired objectives. To this end, and thanks to the constant support of FAAPA, the NWL makes available to its members and all Internet users the website, a real communication platform for the development and valorization of women’s leadership, in addition to the WhatsApp group dedicated to sharing information among NWL members.

Carine Edwige MINDZE
General Coordinator
of the Network of Women Leaders – NWL