We, journalists and women executives of African News Agencies participating in the seminar on the theme “Women’s Leadership: Needs and Strategies of African News Agencies”, organized by FAAPA from 14 to 18 October 2019 at the African Center for the Training of Journalists (CAFJ) in Rabat (Morocco), decided unanimously, on Thursday, October 17, 2019, the creation of the Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies, in abbreviation “NWL-FAAPA”.

The NWL-FAAPA, affiliated with the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA), aims to promote the exchange of experience and data as well as the sharing of skills among its members in all areas of common interest, in particular in the field of women’s leadership. It also aims to organize seminars and thematic symposia under the aegis of FAAPA, and in partnership with organizations and institutions at African and international levels.

The Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies carries out its activities with the active cooperation of its members, who provide support and expertise. It may ensure, where necessary, the assistance of experts or organizations outside it.

To this end, we have elected a committee for the coordination and communication.                          of the Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies. This committee is composed as follows:

Coordonnatrice Générale : Mme Carine Edwige MINDZE   –  Agence Gabonaise de Presse (AGP)

Coordonnatrice : Mme Magdalena THOMAS (Maggy)   –   Agence de presse de Namibie (NAMPA)

Membres Conseillères:

  • Mme Blavi Catherine AGBANOU   –  Agence Bénin Presse (ABP)
  • Mme Astrid Lydie YASSIWA   –  Agence Centrafricaine de Presse (ACAP)
  • Mme Maimouna MAHALMOUDOU TOURE  – Agence  Nigérienne de Presse (ANP)
  • Mme  Sokhna khadydiatou SAKHO – Agence  de Presse Sénégalaise (APS)
  • Mme Elsa INDOMBE – Agence Congolaise de Presse  (ACP)
  • Mme Luzia Manuela dos Santos NGOMA – Agence Angola Presse (ANGOP)
  • Mme Bouchra AZOUR – Agence Marocaine de Presse (MAP)

Fait à Rabat, le 17 Octobre 2019