Rabat CAFJ – October 14, 2019


I would first like to welcome you to the opening session of this training seminar organized by FAAPA and for which we have chosen the theme of “Women’s leadership, needs and strategies of African news agencies”.

The organization of this training seminar is in line with the vision of the implementation of FAAPA’s strategy of investing in human capital. It is aimed exclusively at high-potential female staff, journalists and executives of African news agencies, wishing to develop their soft skills and consolidate their knowledge of leadership as well as their capacities as women leaders.

It aims, in fact, to help you to develop your leadership potential, to have confidence in your strengths in order to gain efficiency and promote your professional evolution. It also aims to increase your capacity to influence in order to optimize your relationships and defend your ideas.


Given both the importance and relevance of the theme chosen, we wanted to involve you all in the reflection on women’s leadership in African news agencies and share with you some approaches and experiences in this area, in order to create synergies, promote and strengthen your leadership role with the aim of contributing, effectively and efficiently, to the development of the news agency of the 21st century.

I am convinced that this training seminar will enable you to consolidate your skills as key players in the development of African news agencies, and to strengthen your leadership capacities while adapting to the profound changes taking place in the world today.

To this end, we have called upon experienced coaches to lead the various workshops and accompany you for five days, in a professional and friendly atmosphere, to provide you with advice and encourage you to promote your performance to take the place you deserve.


I would like to conclude by expressing the wish that this training seminar will be successful and lead to the establishment of a Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies, affiliated to FAAPA (NWL-FAAPA).

Thank you for your attention.