“Born from the will of the President of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA), Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, following a seminar focused on women’s leadership, organized in October 2019 in Rabat, Morocco, the Network of Women Leaders of African News Agencies – NWL-FAAPA, today acquires a communication tool aimed at promoting women’s leadership in the world in general, and in Africa in particular. This is its website https://nwl- faapa.info/, requested during the last General Assembly of FAAPA, in December 2019, by the General Coordinator of this Network, Carine Edwige MINDZE.

To make this platform operational, a team of women journalists and executives from African news agencies will accompany women leaders in their actions and activities in favor of women’s leadership. The goal here is to to give a certain visibility, and to the extent possible, to the initiatives undertaken for the well-being and development of women, by women and for women.

To do this, 25 countries are represented (English and French speaking) in the NWL-FAAPA through the General Coordination, composed of a General Coordinator, the office and the members who will endeavor to devote their time, their energy, their dynamism and their determination, among others, to publish, disseminate articles, interviews, portraits, videos, etc., of these active and influential women leaders in all fields of the society.

In addition, this website is the result of the professionalism that prevails within the Pan-African Institution FAAPA, which is intended to be a “Platform at the service of the modernization of information and resolutely turned towards the “New Economic Model of African News Agencies”, as stated in the theme of the last General Assembly of this organization, I quote: “The historical economic and unique model of the News Agency is dead, invent your future”. Finally, “Good information at the service of women’s leadership is the leitmotiv of this new tool”.